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This blog is now in both danish and english, so using this translater is not nessecary, unless you want to translate into a different language 🙂


Keep in mind, that translaters like this never really translate all that well :). But hopefully you will understand some of it anyway!

(I wanted to make it a link, but my blog won’t let me..)

10 Comments on “Translate this blog

  1. Hey Coewless, this girl on Instagram is saying that these pictures are hers. Her username on there is gjcloset

    • Thank you so much for letting me know! That’s really not okay of her.
      I wrote to her, so hopefully she will delete the pictures 🙂

    • I will do more tutorials. The thing is, it does take a long time to film and edit, so I’t not something I just DO. But of course there will be more tutorials. Just be patient! 🙂
      I will soon have a galaxy tutorial up.

      I use brushes from ebay. You can just search nail art brushes. You can get a bundle of 12 small brushes! They are great! 😀

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