31dc2018 #22 Inspired by a song

Dansk tekst kommer

Out of 2577 songs on my ipod, only one inspired me for today(graneted I didn’t listen to all 2577 songs, but I shuffled for quite some time!)
I don’t know if any of you know, (maybe some of you Harry Potter nerds will remember) but back in the day there was this thing called Wizard Rock. Literally a genre og music dedicated to Harry Potter (I think some of the bands are still active!)
I’ve had a couple of the songs on my ipod ever since and one of them popped up when I was looking for inspiration. It is a song called Broomstick by the band Draco and the Malfoys. It’s probably only fun if you like Harry Potter and get the references 🤗 (it’s so weird how I still remember the lyrics to these songs!)
This mani is not supposed to be anything other than a fun mani and a throwback kind of thing. I made it quite fast, which is why the snitch
Isn’t the best, and I didn’t have time to perfect the letters. (Btw the thing on the littlefinger is a remembrall 🤭)




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