NOTD – Taylor Swift Reputation nail art + my Top 10 taylor swift songs

(I’m gonna take better pics tomorrow!!!!!)

I dag er Taylor Swift’s Reputation album kommet ud, et album jeg har glædet mig helt vildt til. Jeg har været fan af Taylor Swift siden 2008(Før hendes Fearless album udkom), så naturligvis har jeg glædet mig super meget til hendes nye album (også selvom jeg var meget skeptisk da jeg hørte Look what you made me do og Ready for it som begge er sange jeg ikke brød mig om)

Jeg har endnu ikke fået lyttet til Reputation da jeg venter på at få min fysiske kopi her imorgen tidlig. Men hold op det har været svært ikke at finde sangene på nettet og høre dem!
Jeg kan næsten ikke vente!

I mellemtiden har jeg brugt tiden på at lave Reputition nail art. Mine negle er inspireret af Reputtions cover art og jeg har igen prøvet at lave et portræt. Det ligner ikke helt præcis, men jeg synes det er ret godt alligevel!
Jeg er meget tilfreds!

Jeg har desuden lavet en liste over ine top 10 yndlings Taylor Swift sange som jeg poster efter billedet 🙂
Today Taylor Swifts Reputation album came out, an album I really have been looking forward to. I have been a fan of Taylor Swift since 2008(Before her Fearless album came out) so naturally I have been really excited about her new album(even though I was a bit sceptic when I heard Look what you made me do and Ready for it, both of which I did not care for)

I haven’t listened to Reputation yet as I’m waiting for my physical copy to come tomorrow. But it’s been SO hard to not just find the songs online and listen!
I can hardly wait!

In the meantime I have made Reputition nal art. My nails are inspired by the Reputition cover art and I have again tried to do a portrait. It isn’t completely right but i think it’s stil good!
I am very satisfied!

I also made as list of my top 10 favorite Taylor Swift songs that I will post after the pic 🙂


My top 10 Taylor Swift Songs:

1. Enchanted (Speak Now) – The most magical and cute song. It doesn’t hurt that it’s about one of my absolute favorites, Adam Young. For a long time I have held up hope that these two would find a way to be together (because CUUUUUTE!), but taylor is happy with Joe Alwyn now, and that’s awesome! (Also the fact that Adam covered this song in response to Taylor makes my heart melt!

2. The last time (Red) (I freakin’ Love Gary Lightbody’s(Snow Patrol) voice. This is a match made in heaven, and even though Taylors voice is not much in the song, I just love it!)

3. Wonderland (1989) – Alice in wonderland meets Taylor Swift. YES PLEASE! This song is both a little quirky and magical and I love it!

4. Long Live (Speak Now) – This seriously makes me cry 80% of the time! It’s one of her Non-lovesongs, and she should make more of those, because they are amazing, and so so uplifting!!

5. The way I loved you (Fearless) – JUST SO GOOOD!

6. Jump then Fall (Fearless)-  Honestly love this so much. It is so cute. This has one of the best starts. “I realize your laugh is the best sound I have ever heard”  AWWW!

7. Back to December (Speak Now) – I love this. You can really feel how apologetic she is for what happened. It’s just a very sweet song and it had to be on the list.

8. Fearless (Fearless) – Just the sweetest little lovesong!

9. Should have said no (Taylor Swift) – Old school Taylor Swift. I wasn’t sure if this should be on the list, but I had to. If there’s one T-Swift song that makes me sing it is this!! I actually wanted more songs from her self titled album on the list because I love them so much, but there wasn’t roooom!

10. The story of us (Speak Now) – THIS! Also the best music video! (well that and You belong with me!)
(Actually, I don’t know if I like this or Speak Now n this place… This list is impossible to do!)

Can you tell what my favorite Taylor swift album is?!download see no evil monkey emoji Icon


5 Honorable mentions (just because I can’t help myself!: Our Song (Taylor Swift), Ours (Speak Now), Teardrops on my guitar (Talor Swift)(just because it’s the first ever T-Swift song I heard so it means a lot to me!), Speak Now (duh… It’s my favorite album!), Stay Stay Stay (Red)



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